Eves Story

In the 1940’s, an Auckland tramcar driver set up a little corner bakery and named it after his wife, Eve. Eves Pantry quickly established itself as a bustling business, attracting tramcar traffic from the tram barn located just across the road. This was on Manukau Road in Epsom, where Eves Pantry still has one of its four locations today.

Eves Pantry offered traditional New Zealand-style buns and sponge cakes to city commuters until the 1950’s when a pastry chef from Norway, Neil Ullness, purchased the popular bakery. Neil brought a European influence to the bakery, and created a point of difference that remains the essence of Eves Pantry to this day.

The refurbished shop with innovative new European style products won Eves Pantry the reputation of a bakery with a special continental touch. Eves Pantry was one of the first bakeries in Auckland to produce European style products such as quiches, croissants, Danish pastry and gateaux.

When Neil returned to his homeland he left Eves Pantry in the hands of one of his young apprentices, Gary Simmons, who developed the business until 1996. Under the current direction, our staff keep alive the traditional and European qualities that have made Eves Pantry a household name, while thoroughly modernising our operations. Eves Pantry now has four retail locations.

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